In addition to his speaking engagements across the globe, Tom is interviewed frequently for his perspectives on topics ranging from Big Data Analytics to decision making to baseball. Whether in large formats, or one-on-one, Tom’s messages are always clear, concise, and insightful.

Augmentation, Automation, and The Future of Work, January 2016
Beyond Big Data: From Analytics to Cognition – An interview with Thomas Davenport – January 2016
Tom Davenport’s Guide to Big Data,, 2014.
Teaching Business Poets and Quants to Make Nice, Fortune Magazine, 2013.
Why the Airline Industry Needs Another Data Revolution, New York Times, 2013.
Big Data: Rise of the Machines, New York Times, 2012. Cited Tom as the one who knows what’s new and what’s not with Big Data.
Tom Davenport’s Culture of Analytics, Smart Data Collective, 2011.
Business Analytics Need to Be Industrialized, Mobilized, smart planet, 2011.
“Are You Ready to Reengineer Your Decision Making,” MIT Sloan Management Review, 2010.
The Story of Information: Conversation with Andy McAfee about Enterprise 2.0.
Managing Knowledge: An Interview with Tom Davenport, Cause/Effect Journal, 1998.


More of his videos can also be found on YouTube.

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